Miles Johns Expects Adversity at UFC Vegas 93, Believes He Can Find Finish

Miles Johns features in the co-main event at UFC Vegas 93 this weekend, where he takes on Brazil’s Douglas Silva de Andrade at the UFC APEX.

That APEX setting means minimal fan involvement, but “Chapo” Johns (14-2, 1NC) sees both positives and negatives on that front.

“I would love to have a crowd, a crowd does give you energy, but at the same time the APEX always has a little bit of a crowd, and this is becoming just routine for us,” Johns explained during this week’s UFC Vegas 93 media day. “The whole process of it, the whole process of getting checked in, just the whole week feels so familiar. That’s really beneficial I feel like when it comes to Fight Week and everything, it feels so familiar, I’m so used to it, my mind and my body is so used to it. It’s just what I do.”

Camp, Johns later noted, went well, ideal for a fighter trying to build a modest win streak. “I had the right amount of adversity, the right amount of ups and downs. I’m feeling really good, I’m feeling really locked in.”

As for Douglas Silva de Andrade, a veteran of the bantamweight division, “Douglas is a very skilled opponent,” said Johns. “He has a lot of heart, he has a warrior spirit. The only people who have beat Douglas are top tier guys. And they’ve all said ‘man, that was a challenge.’ He’s going to go out there, and he’s going to go out on his shield no matter what.”

That said, Johns believes that if he can time the Brazilian right, “I can put his lights out. He gets hurt in a lot of his fights. But at the same time, I’m expecting to go through some adversity. I’m expecting him not to make this easy for me.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 93 media day appearance by Miles Johns above.