Mirela Vargas Gets PFL Wish Ahead of Welcoming Savannah Marshall to MMA

Mirela Vargas
Mirela Vargas. Photo: Mirela Vargas Instagram

Mirela Vargas discusses her upcoming fight with boxing champion Savannah Marshall at PFL Newcastle this Saturday.

26-year-old Mirela Vargas has the kind of opportunity that most in her position aren’t even able to dream of yet.  The 1-2 professional out of Brazil is obviously young in her career, but she has been plucked from the regional scene for the task of headlining the PFL’s upcoming event in Europe to test the developing skills of decorated boxing champion Savannah Marshall this Saturday.

Marshall is the latest decorated female boxer to make her way into the cage to try to boost her profile, following the likes of fellow PFL signees Claressa Shields, Amanda Serrano, and Bellator veteran Heather Hardy.  Vargas is obviously aware of her advanced pedigree, and she respects the challenge that the newcomer in Marshall will present.

“She’s an amazing athlete. She’s a great boxer. I definitely think she will do well in MMA. Not in this fight specifically but I think moving forward she will do well and it’ll be a good fit for her…I’ve been watching footage of her and some other female boxers as well. I definitely think she will feel the difference in the cage when we’re grappling. It’s a different ballgame and I think that’s when we’re going to see myself shine more than her.”

In terms of her own career, Vargas says that she actually had hoped to sign with the PFL as she got her career going.

“PFL gives out good contracts to the athletes. A living wage. Some of the other promotions, if you are not famous, it is hard to make a living wage right off the bat. In the PFL, they are paying me a good purse for my first fight so I can actually make a living fighting.”

Another added benefit to being a part of the PFL: the potential to fight alongside one of her inspirations in longtime Bellator featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino.  A promoter herself, Justino put on an event last year where Vargas was part of the card.  Now under the same umbrella, she admits it would be a dream come true to get to be part of an event where she fights on the same night as her legendary countrywoman.

“Oh my God. It would be a dream come true to fight on the same card as her, oh my gosh. She might not know or have any idea but she is a part of my story so that would just mean everything to me.”

Mirela Vargas fights Savannah Marshall in the main event of PFL Newcastle this Saturday, June 8.