Savannah Marshall Didn’t Take Notes From Other Boxers Going To MMA

Professional boxer turned PFL fighter Savannah Marshall hasn’t really looked to other boxers who have made the transition to MMA very much as she prepares to make her MMA debut against Mirela Vargas at PFL Newcastle on June 8.

“I haven’t really looked into that too much. Obviously I’ve seen Clarissa (Shields), I’ve seen Clarissa’s fights in the cage and I can see how she might have struggled with certain things,” Marshall told Cageside Press among other media during the PFL Newcastle media call on Tuesday.

“What benefited me in the boxing ring doesn’t really benefit me in MMA. I’m talking about like stance-wise. I’ve had to really change like the way I stand. As a boxer you’re a lot more side on. You obviously can’t do that in MMA.”

For Marshall (13-1 boxing) making her MMA debut against Vargas she’s had to make some major adjustments to her game. That doesn’t mean she took notes from other boxers who are not fighting in MMA.

“I haven’t really taken anything from the other girls because everyone’s different. Everyone adapts differently. All I could take from Clarrisa’s fights is I can see how she struggled with certain things,” she said.

Now having to add the grappling to her game the focus comes to Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. The boxer says she actually prefers the Jiu-Jitsu game over wrestling.

“To be honest out of all I prefer the grappling. I prefer the BJJ to be fair. That’s my favorite out of the lot of it,” said Marshall.

Watch the entire media call with Savannah Marshall above. She takes on Mirela Vargas at PFL Newcastle on June 8.