Andrew Strode on 2nd BKFC Bout And Sparring Haney As Well As Crawford

Andrew Strode
Andrew Strode Credit: Tapology

Andrew Strode battles Dominick Carey at BKFC Prospect Series: Denver on May 31, 2024 in the Co-Main Event.

The Denver-born combatant is super accustomed to the higher altitude in Colorado. He has been boxing since he was nine or eight fighting in area gyms and was sparring a lot. Strode has close to two-hundred amateur gloved boxing bouts as well as several professional boxing bouts before entering Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

He really took to bare-knuckle boxing quite a bit though as he looks to go 2-0 in BKFC in the coming days.

Even though this is his sophomore fight in the company, a statement win could get Andrew Strode right near the top five rankings hierarchy at flyweight. Despite the upward mobility possible at 125 pounds, the 27 year old’s goal is longevity in the sport, fighting everybody possible, and not necessarily chasing the belt which he sees as something that will always be there anyway.

Andrew Strode

In terms of fight to fight growth, Strode felt like he was tense and got hit a bit too much in his BKFC debut. He looks forward to showing off some interesting new tools in this second go around with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Also of note, Andrew Strode is working with BKFC Prospect Series: Denver headliner Keegan Vandermeer. Although they are far apart in weight with Vandermeer being a cruiserweight, the 125-pounder is still gleaning knowledge from him and both are growing together heading into this event.

His opponent Dominick Carey is also having his second BKFC bout here and comes in with an amateur MMA background. Both actually debuted with the organization on the same card at BKFC 50 last September.


When asked if he delved into a fair bit of tape study for this bout with thoughts on Carey’s stylistic attributes, Andrew Strode stated,
“He throws a couple of straight punches pretty crisp, I’m not gonna lie. He tries to keep his distance because he was fighting a shorter guy but I really don’t do no [tape study]. I just been like this my whole life. Like I fought Shakur Stevenson in the amateurs, I trained/ sparred Terence Crawford like I don’t really do studying. It’s more of like just seeing what they react off of. Like for me as a fighter, I don’t really do film study.”
“I feel like that it depends on the fighter. Like me, it depends like who I’m fighting because I like feed off of it. Like at the same time it’s like I don’t really do no film study. I don’t really do that. I’m an awkward fighter. I just get in the ring, train my ass off, and get in the ring and see how it goes. Really don’t do studying. I know it sounds bad but I’ve never been that studier dude to study, sit down, and watch people fight.”
Strode continued, “Like I will watch their fight but I wouldn’t really study on them because when I’m watching them fight I actually do like a study myself of how I will be in the ring with them while they’re fighting another opponent. That would be my study and then after that I don’t really watch other fighters. Besides like watching BKFC every week [laughs] in that set of terms.”

BKFC Prospect Series: Denver

The man with the nickname ‘Legend’ was taught a lot about the sweet science from his dad early on. Strode revealed he actually lost his first nine amateur fights when he was little. But his dad kept him on the path when he was about to quit the sport.

Andrew Strode used to train with guys like Teofimo Lopez, Rolly Romero, Devin Haney. He has old pictures with Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather with a popular video online of Strode hitting pads out in Las Vegas circa 2018 with Floyd Mayweather Sr.

The adversities Strode faced outside the ring cast a giant shadow over those that he ahs faced inside of the ring. Andrew Strode had his son and his ex pass away and the trauma caused him to almost stop boxing altogether. He realized they wouldn’t want him to stop though and the BKFC opportunity gave Strode something to sink his teeth into so as to bounce back from that awful situation.

Now revitalized in many regards with a kid on the way and inspiring many in a tough situation to achieve great things amid near unfathomable difficulty, this great story continues. The next chapter in the Andrew Strode tale unfurls this Friday under the bright lights of BKFC.