Road to UFC 3: Episode 4 Breakdown and Predictions

Kyu Sung Kim appears on Road to UFC 3
Kim Kyu Sung VS Akihiro Fujisawa Credit: ONE Championship

The Road to UFC tournament is returning this month, with fighters from around Asia in four different weight classes vying for contracts with the UFC. This time out, women’s strawweight is in the mix, replacing the lightweight division on the men’s side. Flyweight, bantamweight, and featherweight remain as part of Road to UFC 3, with the flyweights and bantamweights closing out the opening around of action in episode four, which arrives on May 19, 2024 at the UFC Performance Institute in Shanghai, China.

We’ve got all the talent on the upcoming season scouted — here’s a look!

Flyweight, Kiru Singh Sahota Vs. Shuai Yin

Tale of the Tape

Kiru Singh Sahota
Huddersfield, England/India
Combined opponent’s record: 39-94
Shuai Yin
Beijing, China
Combined opponent’s record: 88-63

Pros and Cons

Kiru Singh Sahota


  • Diverse kickboxing
  • Fights long well
  • Good Muay Thai knees
  • Throws in volume
  • Long jab


  • Hands low/Chin up
  • Poor TDD
  • Struggles off his back

Shuai Yin


  • Submission threat
  • Good kicks
  • Solid wrestling
  • Dangerous in exchanges
  • Slick jiu-jitsu
  • Chain wrestles well
  • Explosive
  • High work-rate


  • Loose top control
  • TDD needs some work

Prediction: Yin has a few tough losses but at 26 he has some real upside. What I like about him is he’s a complete fighter. He’s quality everywhere and has a good gas tank with the amount of work he does.

Sahota is fun as he brings a good pace and is always game. He’s a proven regional-level guy who has trouble against a comfortable step-up in competition. I like his style but defense-wise he lacks big time. I have full confidence Yin can take Sahota down and win the fight from there. On the feet, Sahota has more weapons but I believe Yin can slow him down with leg kicks and land the more impactful shots. I just believe Yin is the more complete fighter.