Sodiq Yusuff Appreciates Being on Historical Event Like UFC 300

Las Vegas, NV — “Super” Sodiq Yusuff has branched out into content creation, and is now acting on a Disney show. He also has a big fight against Diego Lopes coming up at UFC 300 this weekend, so let’s get that fight stuff out of the way first.

Being on a big card would be a thrill for more fighters, especially a milestone event like the UFC’s tricentennial. “Half and half,” Yusuff (13-3) said during Wednesday’s media day, speaking with media outlets including Cageside Press. “Because on one side, I always think as long as the check gets signed, at the end of the day you don’t care. But to be honest, for legacy and when all of this is over, and you look back on it, I would very much appreciate being a part of historical events.”

When it comes to Lopes, who has a growing profile, Sodiq wasn’t even aware of just how popular he’d become. So when the booking was offered, “I couldn’t care less,” he admitted. “I really only knew him from the Movsar [Evloev] fight, so I didn’t realize how big he was until the UFC announced the fight. And then you start getting all the comments on the internet. He’s a pretty popular guy, I think it’s because of the hair. He has very cool hair, so it helps out.”

These days, Sodiq Yusuff has become relatively famous in the MMA world for his “Unprofessional Breakdown” series on Youtube, and has joined Disney animated series Iwájú as a voice actor.

So who does Yusuff himself follow on Youtube these days?

“I watch a lot of different Youtube channels to be honest. This is going to be stereotypical, but Mr. Beast is a very big one. Just because I’m a big fan of philanthropy and stuff like that, and I think he does a good [job] of mixing it in,” explained the featherweight. “And this week, random shout out to a DMV Youtuber, his name is Peaks100. That’s all I’ve been watching for like the past two weeks because he does food reviews, and around this time all I’m really thinking about is food. So shout out to Peaks.”

Anything to get through weight cut hunger.

Watch the full UFC 300 media day appearance by Sodiq Yusuff above.