Max Holloway Says BMF Fight at UFC 300 Is What “Real Fighters” Are About

Las Vegas, NV — Max Holloway has heard the concerns about his health in a dangerous pairing for the BMF title with Justin Gaethje at UFC 300.

“We’ll find out. We’ll find out. That’s the beautiful thing,” the former featherweight champ and future Hall of Famer told media outlets including Cageside Press on Wednesday.

Throughout Fight Week, Holloway (25-7) has been asked again and again what he thinks about the fight. “Every time they ask me, ‘what is the main thing, what is, when you come to think of Justin, what do you think about this fight? I think about violence, and this happens,’ I smile,” Holloway stated. “I smile. This is what real fighters [are] about. Justin is a BMF. The beautiful thing is, everybody has questions, and we have the answers come UFC 300 on Saturday night.”

The BMF title bout comes at 155lbs, a division up from where Max Holloway has spent most of his career. But he did have one foray up to lightweight previously, opposite Dustin Poirier. It did not go well for “Blessed.”

“I hate talking about it, but that Dustin fight was, it is what it is. My manager was calling me Muffin Top Max his whole camp. At the end of the day, that’s what it was. For this fight, we wanted to put on the right weight, we wanted to be smart, we wanted to be strong but we still wanted to be fast. I think we found a very even ground, and you guys get to see Saturday night.”

As for what the BMF title represents, beyond the obvious, “I think a true BMF is a guy who is willing to fight and go in there like gladiator days. He [Justin] said it before, like I said it, he said it in gladiator [times], he would fight to the death in the Coliseum.”

“The beautiful thing is, we get to find out,” Holloway added. “Attrition is going to be a big thing I believe in this fight with him.”

Watch the full UFC 300 media day appearance by Max Holloway above.