Jamall Emmers Sees Nate Landwehr Fight at UFC Atlantic City As “Two Opposites Going At It”

Atlantic City, NJ — If there’s an early favorite pick for Fight of the Night at UFC Atlantic City, it’s almost certainly the impending featherweight showdown between Jamall Emmers and Nate “The Train” Landwehr.

For Emmers, the match-up is exactly the sort of pairing he sees as necessary to push onward in the UFC‘s 145lb division. He enters the bout with Landwehr off a win over Dennis Buzukja. Both men are action fighters willing to leave it all in the cage.

“This is a guy that I need on my record. I need to get this W to further my career,” Emmers (20-7) told media outlets including Cageside Press during Wednesday’s UFC Atlantic City media day. “Tough, exciting fighter. Fan favorite. I need one of these guys to push myself forward.”

Landwehr was not the only option for “Pretty Boy” Emmers, whose desire is to put on entertaining fights inside the octagon. He was the one who fit Emmers’ long-term goals best, however.

“I had two choices, I could have fought last week,” revealed Emmers. After coming together with his coaches and weighing the options, “we figured this was the best fight for what I want to do with my career. So we picked Nate Landwehr.”

As for whether he gets excited at the bout’s Fight of the Night prospects, “most definitely,” said Emmers. “This is what I’m here for, to entertain, put on exciting fights. He’s going to be a great dance partner  for me to put on an exciting fight. So I’m excited about the fight just like the fans are.”

Later, he would size up Landwehr’s oversized personality, telling Cageside Press that “he’s like the opposite of me. He’s a wild guy, very animated. I think that’s just going to make a good fight, two opposites going at it.”

Watch the full UFC Atlantic City media day appearance by Jamall Emmers above.