Edgar Chairez Upset About First Lacerda Fight, Predicts Quick KO

Mexico City – UFC flyweight Edgar Chairez is excited to finally be in the cage in Mexico City against Daniel Lacerda since the last time the UFC came to the country he was in the crowd as a fan.

“Last time the UFC came here I bought a ticket in the very last row of the nosebleeds with money from my savings,” Chairez told reporters on Wednesday.

“I was there supporting one of my very best friends on the card. Now I get to fight alongside him on the card.”

Fighting at home in the UFC was a real goal for the flyweight, but it wasn’t always real at home.

“I feel like I accomplished a goal. At first I thought it was impossible, but I trained and I made it. You accomplish goals by working hard. Now I get to be on the card in front of my people, a sold out house, and I’m not thinking about anything but winning,” Chairez said.

At UFC Mexico City Chairez faces Daniel Lacerda who he knows very well at this point. Their first fight ended in a no contest, then a rematch was canceled, but they finally fight this Saturday night.

“Everything about that fight, including the referee, was sh*t, but now we’re here. On Saturday I’m going to knock him out quickly,” he said.

Watch the entire media day scrum with Edgar Chairez above. He takes on Daniel Lacerda at UFC Mexico City on Saturday night.

* Translated by Cageside Press