Daniel Zellhuber Excited To Represent Mexico In Hometown Fight

Mexico City – UFC lightweight Daniel Zellhuber fights in front of his hometown in just his fourth UFC fight when he faces Francisco Prado at UFC Mexico City on Saturday night.

“I’m excited for having the opportunity of fighting in front of my whole country. 5 years ago was the last time the UFC was in Mexico. I was in the crowd,” Zellhuber told reporters on Wednesday.

“Now being able to not only be part of this card, but also being part of the main (card) is always something pretty exciting for me. I’m just happy for the opportunity.”

Zellhuber (14-1) gets a fellow prospect in Prado who comes off a TKO finish in July of last year.

“UFC is one of the biggest run company because we are not playing here. If you want to be the best you’re always going to fight the best. So doesn’t matter if you are two young guys or whatever. I feel that Francisco is the best matchup for me. He’s a tough young guy too,” Zellhuber said.

“At this point they just give me the contract, I signed, and I start training for fighting whoever it is.”

Zellhuber isn’t taking fighting at home for granted even if he’s willing to fight anywhere.

“I can imagine what it’ll be like to fight in front of 25,000 people. The event sold out in an hour. That gets me excited,” he said.

“I’m happy to represent my country once again and what better place than at home?”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Daniel Zellhuber above. He faces Francisco Prado at UFC Mexico City on Saturday night.

* Translation by Cageside Press