Ian Garry Addresses Strickland Comments, Says They Will Fight One Day

Anaheim, CA – UFC welterweight Ian Garry isn’t making time for any more negativity, and even sent a certain former middleweight champion a message as he prepares to face Geoff Neal at UFC 298.

“Listen…we can shoot shots at each other all day long me and another bloke. Here’s the two things that I’ll point out to you, right,” Garry told Cageside Press along with other media on Wednesday.

“My wife was called a pedophile by Sean Strickland. No woman ever deserves to be called that, right? That’s the truth. My son, the people the follow Sean Strickland, commented on a couple of my photos at the very start of all this hate saying, ‘Is the kid even his?’. I should never have to hear that.”

Following a random video posted by Strickland where talks about Garry’s wife and their family situation. An influx of fans went to Garry’s social medias and began to post comments about Garry’s wife, son and their marriage.

“Now those two things they emotionally get me, and I’ll get mine back. I’ll thump the f*cking mouth off Sean Strickland one day, and there’ll be nothing he can do about it. I’ll talk to him, I’ll dance in his face, I’ll do whatever I want because the truth is when we get locked into that cage one day he’s never going to be able to deal with me,” said Garry.

Garry isn’t naive enough to think that trash talk isn’t part of the fight game, but he draws the line at family. He sent a bit of advice to Strickland.

“I have a target on my back. I have the ability to stand here and shoot shots at anyone I want because this is my job, and they have the opportunity in return. So for me when you attack people in my circle when they don’t deserve it that’s out of line,” he said.

“Sean Strickland is not f*cking voice we should all be listening to. He’s deeply, deeply, indebted with trauma and he should just be silent and try to deal with his own personal issues himself.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Ian Garry above. He takes on Geoff Neal at UFC 298 on Saturday night.