UFC Vegas 86: Daniel Marcos vs. Aori Qileng Foul-Fest Ends in No Contest

Aoriqileng and Daniel Marcos, UFC Vegas 86
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 10: (L-R) Aoriqileng of China battles Daniel Marcos of Peru in a bantamweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on February 10, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Undefeated Peruvian bantamweight prospect Daniel Marcos took on Aoriqileng at UFC Vegas 86.

In only Marcos’ second UFC fight he fought and beat Davey Grant, earning a signature win over a talented veteran. Though it may have been somewhat controversial, Marcos had impressed many. He took on Aoriqileng, ‘The Mongolian Murderer,’ who was 3-3 in the UFC and coming off a win against Johnny Munoz Jr. Though it was an exciting bout on paper and in the cage, the fact that it ended in a no-contest due to a groin strike was a stain on an otherwise good fight.

Early in the first round Aori ate a knee to the center of his head while ducking, the first massive shot of many which would land. A right hand from Daniel Marcos busted open the nose of the Mongolian soon after. The blood would only flow more and more as Marcos out-flowed him, slipping shots and countering effectively. He looked the part of the 15-0 prospect, for the most part. Aori was aggressive but he scarcely landed a shot, and what he did land was not clean, as Marcos’ guard and head movement allowed him to avoid the worst of those punches. Leg kicks from Marcos became a factor late in the round.

Daniel Marcos dropped Aori to a knee in the second round with a well-timed calf kick. Aoriqileng ate punches as he stood back up but his toughness kept him alive. His badly bruised face painted a bad visual and Marcos continued to win comfortably. Then fouls disrupted the fight. None of them were too serious, but after Aori poked Marcos’ eye, Marcos returned with an accidental groin strike. If that was not bad enough, Aori then hit Marcos with a groin strike in return. It really became unbelievable when Aori tried a flying knee right when Marcos threw a kick, which then struck Aori’s groin again. Referee Jason Herzog went out of his way to regain control of the situation, saying that although they were all clearly accidents, that points would begin to be deducted.

The fourth break for a foul lasted a lot longer as Aori kneeled down, he used up all five minutes of the allowed injury time. When the end of those five minutes came, Herzog gave Aoriqileng one chance to fight, but he could not and the fight was declared a no-contest.

It was an unfortunate result for everyone, though especially for Daniel Marcos as he was likely about to be up 20-18 going into the third round. The undefeated prospect recieved the first blemish on his record. Though he retained his ‘0,’ he openly cried after the bout result was finalized.

Offical Result: Daniel Marcos vs Aoriqileng ends in a No Contest (groin strike) Round 2, 3:28