UFC 297: Sam Patterson Wants to “Level Up” His Life

Toronto, ON — 2022 Contender Series winner Sam Patterson, having made the move to welterweight, picked up the first win of his UFC run at UFC 297 on Saturday.

Patterson (11-2-1) spent a decade as a lightweight, and said during his post-fight press conference appearance that the move up feels like a new chapter in his career.

“It feels like a new chapter. It feels like a new page in my career. I spent ten years at lightweight. I just feel like I’ve turned the page,” said Patterson, speaking with media outlets including Cageside Press. “I always said I’d go up to welterweight as soon as lightweight got too difficult. After that it just feels like I’ve turned the page and started a new chapter in the UFC. Let’s do another 10 years at welterweight. Who knows, in five years I could end up at middleweight. Who knows.”

On his performance, Patterson was pragmatic. “There’s always room for improvement, that’s how I always come out of every fight. I said it when I lost, I say it when I win. I’ll be straight back in the gym making the improvements. I’m very happy with the performance. I always say I would like that cage time but at the same time if I can finish everyone like that, I’m going to have a great career, aren’t I?”

England’s Sam Patterson later added that he wanted to “change my life this year,” and believes he has the opportunity to do that in the UFC. But just what does changing his life look like? Investments, a big house, fast cars?

“All of the above,” answered Patterson. “I haven’t got any of them things you said. I’ve got a push bike, and I’ve worked my ass off. And now I want to get the car, a house, I want to level up my life. I want to change it. I don’t want to be struggling financially anymore. Like living fight to fight, spending my last pounds on the medicals to come over here and fight. I don’t want to be doing that anymore. I don’t want to struggle. So that’s me saying I want to change my life. That just gives me freedom. The financial side gives me the freedom to train even more, and not struggle anymore.”

Watch the full UFC 297 post-fight press conference appearance by Sam Patterson above.