Sean Strickland Describes Childhood Trauma, du Plessis Beef

Sean Strickand, UFC 2024 Season Press Conference
Sean Strickand, UFC 2024 Season Press Conference Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

UFC middleweight Sean Strickland opened up on his childhood in a way fans have never heard before when he appeared on “This Past Weekend w/Theo Von”.

The episode was filmed live in Las Vegas, but the episode dropped on Spotify on Tuesday morning.

“So you take Dricus. We get into this f*cking heated press conference. He starts talking about like child abuse. You know your dad f*cked you. Dad didn’t f*ck me. That didn’t ever f*cking happen,” Strickland told Von on the podcast.

“There’s some things that are off limits. You don’t really talk about a man’s wife, you don’t talk about a man’s kids, and you don’t talk about a kid being abused. These things are off limits.”

At the press conference when the UFC brings in headliners for upcoming cards Strickland and du Plessis went back and forth on the microphone just weeks before they’re set to fight at UFC 297 on Jan 20 in Toronto. Du Plessis did not hold back and attacked Strickland’s childhood and family.

“I tried to f*cking ignore it. I was boiling. I just (sitting) there I’m just “ignore it, just f*cking ignore it’, and he just kept talking shit. I’m like alright f*ck this guy,” he said.

During UFC 296 in Las Vegas Strickland and du Plessis had to be separated after the middleweight champion jumped on him and began to land blows before UFC security got involved.

“Whenever Dricus goes on there and jokes about that sh*t, dud you have no idea. I’ll f*cking kill you, you have no idea. When you’re a kid and you’re made to be a victim your whole life, as an adult, you’re like never again,” he said.

Strickland went on to describe the abuse he and his mother suffered during his childhood at the hands of his father.

“One day, it was so f*cked up, they just got into a bad fight. It was like third, fourth grade, my dad was like, ‘f*ck that, he’s not sleeping in here tonight, kick him out.’ I like army crawled under the bed, and I’m sleeping under the bed,” Strickland described.

“I’m laying under the bed as they’re fighting, because I think my dad was going to kill my mom.”

Watch the entire episode here.