CFFC 128’s Luke Fernandez: “I’m Built to Go Five”

Light Heavyweight Luke Fernandez throws down in the co-main event at CFFC 128, with a shot at his first pro title on the line.

Fernandez captured a 205lb title in CFFC during his unbeaten amateur run, and will be looking for more gold come Friday. Despite the magnitude of the fight, Fernandez (2-0) is taking it all in stride. “My whole career so far, I’ve been taking everything stride by stride, fight by fight,” he told Cageside Press in a recent interview. “So I try not to let anything get to my head or any type of event be bigger than it is.”

Much of that comes down to how he approaches the sport, and his team. “I’m humbled in here every day when it comes to training partners in training. I like to push myself, get myself into deep waters. So it’s one of those things where every day, I come into it knowing I’m going to reach my breaking point and I’m going to have to grow. I’m not taking this in any other way as it’s another fight, I’ve just got to prep for it and get the job done.”

Luke Fernandez faces Peter New at CFFC 128, a fighter with three times his own experience.

“I think he’s a well-rounded opponent. I’m not taking anything lightly,” stated Fernandez when asked about his opponent. “I know he’s a black belt, it’s just that I know I’m going to bring my best, and I just think that’s going to get the job done. Like I’ve done in the past, I’m going to tyr to put on a show and do it in spectacular fashion.”

The five-round nature of a title fight doesn’t change anything for Fernandez, it seems. As he put it, “I’m built to go five. One thing I pride myself on is my cardio, and pushing myself to the limit in deep water. I’ve trained with the best and stuff. When it comes to that, I’m not scared of that. When push comes to shove, I live in deep water. Swim with the sharks as they say. I’m excited for that. But at the same time, we don’t get paid by the minute. Where ever it goes, it goes, and I’m excited to be leading that dance.”

Watch our full interview with CFFC 128 light heavyweight Luke Fernandez above. The event goes down Friday, December 15, 2023 streaming live on UFC Fight Pass.