UFC Sao Paulo’s Derrick Lewis Says He’s the “Baddest Purple Belt in Texas”

Derrick Lewis (27-11, 1NC) is stepping into his UFC Sao Paulo main event against Jailton Almeida on short-notice this Saturday, and appears to be ready for anything.

That includes what might come in the cage against his talented Brazilian opponent, and any questions reporters might lob his way.

Case in point, just yesterday, news broke that Lewis had been busted for reckless driving, with a court date lined up for December. Not the most serious charge in the world, but more than just a speeding ticket. Asked about the incident by reporters, Lewis was quick to shut that line of questioning down at the UFC Sao Paulo media day.

“I don’t even think that was me. That guy had hair,” quipped Lewis. “You seen the picture? I don’t got no hair. That ain’t me.”

Derrick Lewis didn’t care who he was fighting when the UFC called recently, he was ready to accept. The only thing that gave him pause was when his manager told him he’d be fighting in Brazil. But, the situation was made clear. “This is the only chance that we’re going to fight this year,” his manager told him.

Lewis took the fight, and will look to make it two in a row on Saturday.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I’ve been training everywhere. Wrestling, striking, jiu-jitsu, where ever. So I’m prepared where ever the fight goes,” said “The Black Beast” when asked about what he’d done to prepare for Almeida. “I know he’s a black belt in jiu-jitsu, I’m a purple belt. I believe I’m the baddest purple belt in Texas. It’s going to be good competition for him.”

A former Lewis foe was in action recently, as Francis Ngannou faced Tyson Fury in a highly publicized boxing match. Asked for his thoughts on former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou’s performance, Lewis replied saying that “I didn’t watch the fight, I had a Halloween party at my house. But I heard that he did good, so I’m happy for him.”

Watch the full UFC Sao Paulo media day appearance by Derrick Lewis above.