Noche UFC: Josefine Knutsson Looks Strong in Debut Against Marnic Mann

Josefine Knutsson and Marnic Mann, Noche UFC
Josefine Knutsson and Marnic Mann, Noche UFC ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

After being denied a contract on Dana White’s Contender Series just weeks ago, strawweight Josefine Knutsson made her UFC debut on Saturday night regardless, taking on Marnic Mann at Noche UFC.

The Swedish kickboxer had initially been signed to face Iasmin Lucindo on short notice, but with Lucindo out, Mann was in turn signed to keep the fight on the card.

Knutsson opened up with a combination that got the attention of Mann. Mann then went shooting but Knutsson defended perfectly. Knutsson was very aggressive with the kicks and putting her hands together. Mann was definitely uncomfortable on the feet as she failed on another takedown. Knutsson stopped the takedown and landed in top position. With a minute left Knutsson moved into the mount. Not much damage but that’s where Knutsson ended the round.

In round two Knutsson started right away with a bunch on kicks. Mann did catch a kick and put Knutsson against the cage. She worked hard for a takedown but Knutsson easily escaped and landed a big knee. Mann was just standing in front of Knutsson as Knutsson was landing combinations. Knutsson landed a big right hand that froze Mann for a second but Knutsson was patient. Instead of unloading Knutsson kept clinching with Mann. She was able to utilize an inside trip to get the takedown with a little under a minute left. Knutsson ended the round in mount raining down elbows but Mann survived to the bell.

In the final round it was obvious Mann was in need of a finish. Knutsson started off with some flash with a sidekick to the body and a spinning elbow. She was clipping Mann with the hands; Mann was just plain outgunned on the feet. Knutsson again got in the clinch and got the takedown. Knutsson methodically moved into mount but as soon as she did Mann scrambled back to her feet. It wasn’t for long though as Knutsson tripped her right back down. Knutsson spent the last minute beating up Mann with elbows and going for the rear-naked right at the bell. No surprises on the scorecards, as all judges scored it for Knutsson.

Official Result: Josefine Knutsson def. Marnic Mann by unanimous decision (30-24, 30-25, 30-27)


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