Fernando Padilla Excited To Be Part Of Historic Noche UFC Card


Las Vegas, NV – Getting to fight on a big card on Mexican Independence Day at Noche UFC is featherweight Fernando Padilla, and he gets a big fight against Kyle Nelson on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena.

“History brother. History in the making. I’m so happy to be able to have my name in this part of history because I mean it’s the first one ever,” Padilla told reporters including Cageside Press on Wednesday.

“I’m excited to be there, I’m excited to put on a performance for you guys, and just enjoy the fights.”

Not only is Padilla part of the inaugural Noche UFC card, but he’s on the main portion of the fight card.

“Amazing. I said it the last time, and I’m going to say it again, I’m going to show you guys why I deserve to be there. I know a lot of people is like ‘oh why is he on the main card’ but hey I’m going to show you guys,” he said.

He’ll have a game opponent in the form of Nelson who comes off a big win in his native Canada at UFC 289 over Blake Bilder. Padilla took a lot from the fight knowing he’s trained with Bilder before.

“The last fight that he had I know his opponent, I trained with him a little bit Blake, that gave me a lot of view about how Kyle kind of works. I think, physically, he’s really strong. Because I know Blake is so if he was able to control Blake, defending the takedowns how he was doing it, it means that he’s strong,” Padilla said.

“I worked everything around that. When I step in the cage I want to be the stronger man. I’ve been sharpening them (my skills) and getting better.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Fernando Padilla above. He takes on Kyle Nelson at Noche UFC on Saturday night.


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