Jaqueline Cavalcanti Says Fairn Poked Both Of Her Eyes, Wants One More Fight In 2023

Paris, France – Taking on a hometown fighter isn’t easy when the crowd is against you, but it makes victory that much sweeter and that’s what happened for UFC bantamweight Jaqueline Cavalcanti who took the decision victory over Zarah Fairn at UFC Paris on Saturday.

“It’s not my first time. For me I really enjoy it because gives me some extra motivation. Everybody’s on her (side) so this takes the pressure of winning (off) me,” Cavalcanti told Cageside Press through a translator at her post-fight scrum.

“It gives me more please when I beat her.”

During the fight Fairn fouled Cavalcanti with an eye poke that, upon further review, really seemed to compromise Cavalcanti’s eye. Cavalcanti took some time to recover, but was able to continue.

“Actually it was two fingers not one. So one in each eye. One of the eyes really got affected so I had to stop. Thank God they stopped it (so) I could recover and I could continue to go after my win,” she said.

Eye pokes aside Cavalcanti seemed to get through the fight with no real injuries leaving the end of 2023 as a possibility for one more fight.

“Yes I would love very much to still fight this year again,” she said.

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Jaqueline Cavalcanti above.