Michael Chandler On McGregor Fight Date, “You tell me.”

Boston, MA – The saga of “will they or won’t they” between UFC lightweights Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor continues to be the topic of discussion any time either man has the microphone.

“I signed up for The Ultimate fighter for the fight at the end of the tunnel. The fight at the end of the tunnel was Team Chandler vs. Team McGregor on The Ultimate Fighter, and then Conor vs. Chandler,” Chandler told reporters including Cageside Press at his UFC 292 guest fighter scrum.

“That’s the fight that I’ve known is going to happen the entire time. I’ve never wavered. Even when Conor is wavering, is he really wavering? Or is he just trying to realize that every single one of you guys is watching every single one of his movements, every single one of his thumb strokes on Twitter?”

Recently McGregor has questioned whether or not he’ll fight Chandler tweeting out about other potential matchups.

At the end of the day the question that keeps coming up to both men is, when? When will we actually see the two TUF coaches, and top lightweights in the world, step into the octagon?

“You tell me. We heard Conor last weekend talking about toward the end of the year. I’m ready for that tomorrow. I’m ready for the end of the year whenever it is,” he said.

“Ultimately whenever it happens it’s going to happen at the exact right time, and I want the biggest, baddest, best Conor we’ve seen in a very long time. 170, 155, 185, whatever weight class we want to do it. I’ll fight him whenever, wherever, however.”

Watch the entire guest fighter scrum with Michael Chandler above.