UFC 292: Austin Hubbard Feels He’s “Better In Every Area” Compared to Holobaugh

Boston, MA — After witnessing the violent TUF 31 lightweight semifinal clash between Kurt Holobaugh and Jason Knight, Austin Hubbard knows what is in store for him at UFC 292 on Saturday night.

Hubbard (15-6) is the other half of the finale against Holobaugh, who battered Knight to advance. And Hubbard is game for what’s to come.

“This is what we signed up for. When we step up in the cage, that’s what we both try bringing,” he told Cageside Press recently. “I’m anticipating it, I’m expecting it, and I’ll be ready for it.”

Breaking down The Ultimate Fighter 31 lightweight finale, Hubbard acknowledged that “stylistically, he is tough, he is good on his feet. He’s a black belt on the ground.” The difference, he suggested, “will be my ability to neutralize his wrestling, neutralize his jiu-jitsu.”

“I think I’m a little bit more dynamic in my striking, have a little more options. A little bit more movement. It’ll be a great fight nonetheless, but I just feel I’m a little better in every area.”

In terms of what Austin Hubbard might do differently in his second UFC tenure, he explained that “I feel like I let go of a lot of pressure that I held onto myself, and it kind of allowed me to be a little more free now. And just fight how I know I can fight, not kind of be a slow starter as I’ve been labelled in the past. Just come out, round one and start getting to work right away, not starting slow.”

Hubbard’s TUF 31 coach Michael Chandler will be in attendance for UFC 292, and at some point, he hopes to get a chance to train further with “Iron” Mike at Kill Cliff FC.

“I actually kind of plan on going down there sometime this fall, touching base with everyone, saying hi,” said Hubbard. “Getting a little training in, little vacation getaway for the family and I can go train a little bit.”

Once his UFC 292 fight with Holobaugh is in the books, Hubbard also wants to share a card with his former coach.

“I would love to get on that Conor-Chandler card. I hear December 16, I’m not sure how true that is or not, but if that is the case, I would love to get on that card and be on the same card as the coaches.”

Watch our full interview with UFC 292’s Austin Hubbard above.