Holly Holm Responds To Silva’s Trash Talk In Holm Fashion, Would Fight Rousey Again

Las Vegas, NV – When it comes to her opponent at UFC Vegas 77 former bantamweight champion Holly Holm very subtly responded to Mayra Bueno Silva’s trash talk before their fight on Saturday.

Silva had told the media earlier that she didn’t believe Holm had the courage to fight anymore.

“I like that she thinks she knows what’s on my heart,” Holm told reporters on Wednesday.

Holm (15-6) is coming off a decision win over Yana Santos in March. Ranked #3 in the UFC rankings Holm is taking a fight against #10 Silva which is a risk in itself with Holm being close to a possible title fight solely based on ranking.

“That’s just the fight they offered me. So that’s what I took. They offer you a fight, you don’t take it, you’re going to be sat down for a while,” she said.

“It is a big risk to take a fight with a lower ranked fighter because at this point anybody in the top 10 are really tough. I have everything to lose she has everything to gain. There’s a lot of pressure on that, but I think the champion should be able to walk in and take care of it one way or the other.”

Speaking of champions, or former champions, a recent rumor has Ronda Rousey mulling a return to MMA. Holm famously knocked Rousey out for the belt at UFC 193 in 2015.

“I don’t know if she’ll really come back. I know she’s a very competitive person. There’s a reason why she was an Olympian and a reason why she was champion for so long. I would absolutely revisit that fight,” Holm said.

“We’ll see if she comes back. I know she’s been pretty busy with her life. Whatever she wants to do, the more power to her, but if she comes back that would be great to fight again.”

Regarding Silva’s prediction that she would fight Holm for five rounds and then knock her out Holm only had this to say:

“Anybody can dream.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Holly Holm above. She takes on Mayra Bueno Silva in the main event of UFC Vegas 77 on Saturday night.