Miranda Maverick Reveals She Received Death Threats Following UFC 289 Defeat

Miranda Maverick, UFC
Miranda Maverick, UFC 289 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Miranda Maverick’s trip to Canada this past weekend didn’t go as planned.

“Fear the” Maverick went into UFC 289 in Vancouver as the #15-ranked women’s flyweight in the UFC, but came away from the event thoroughly defeated by Canadian standout Jasmine Jasudavicius.

Given Team Canada went 5-0 on the night (and 6-0 if you include adopted Canadian Diana Belbita, a Romanian fighting out of Stoney Creek, Ontario), Maverick was far from the only fighter to suffer a setback on the evening.

It seems the usual collection of trolls and miscreants online, however, have singled out Maverick, deeming her defeat worthy of death threats.

The 25-year old, who had been on a two-fight win streak prior to UFC 289, addressed the matter on her Instagram story:

“I’ve received so many death threats, messages telling me to commit suicide, kill myself, etc in the past 2 days, it is insane.

Just because we have a blue check by our names doesn’t mean we are invincible. Mind you, I ignore these clowns but to those who struggle with what social media thinks of you, remember most keyboard warriors don’t have much to show for their lives. Go after something with all the effort you have and regardless of the result know you put your all on the line.

And to you pieces of [poop emoji] who say such hateful things, I hope you never experience the pain of having someone say/do the same to you.

God bless you all.”

Maverick previously revealed that she had lost vision during the fight, something she admitted had scared her more than the fight itself.

“Some things are scarier than fighting- and one of those things is going blind. My left eye went blurry end of 2nd round and was completely blind throughout the 3rd round. Its (sic) mostly back now and I’ll be meeting with a retina specialist this coming week. But I’ll admit I was scared during that time.”