Amanda Nunes Reflects On Decision To Pursue MMA In The US, Talks Post-Career Plans

Vancouver – For many it was a surprise that UFC champ-champ and women’s MMA GOAT Amanda Nunes retired following her victory over Irene Aldana at UFC 289 on Saturday night, but she had known for a long time.

“(I knew I would retire) When I signed the contract for this fight. I tried to hide it from you guys the whole week, but like you guys looked like (you were) on top of it. I just didn’t want to focus on that,” Nunes told reporters including Cageside Press at her post-fight scrum on Saturday.

“I (didn’t) want to keep talking about retirement all the time, and I’m still talking. Imagine if I said yeah I’m going to retire. Would have been all about that.”

Now that it’s over Nunes has time to reflect on her legacy on how people will remember her time in the MMA.

“The greatest of all time. I did everything you know, I break a lot of records. Tonight I tied with Anderson Silva it’s amazing huh? So I’m very happy about that,” she said.

With no more actual fighting in her future ‘The Lioness’ will take a step back and run her gym where she has a couple of fighters training.

“I love this sport. I have my gym. I have a couple girls there and I love to help them to be able to succeed as well. I have a lot to offer, as a double champ I know a lot. We’re a team we work together, and I’ll be able to make a girl a champion too,” she said.

“If I really work with one girl I can make her a champion. I know everything about this game, mental and be good at it, do strategy. We’re really going to make a strong team in the future.”

Coaching aspirations aside Nunes will now take time off to heal, catch up with family, and help her wife Nina out with her pregnancy as the two are expecting their second child together.

“Right now I’m going to take a break. I’m going to go see my family in Brazil, and enjoy a little bit too my family at home. Nina’s pregnant too she needs a little break. She almost had a heart attack today in the hotel,” Nunes said laughing.

Nunes gave her partner all the credit for making her life easier as she continued to train and fight. Now it’s time to rest, relax, and prepare for their incoming child.

It’s also time to reflect on a long and successful career. The question was posed to her, if she could go back at tell her younger self who was leaving Brazil to head to the states to train and fight anything, what would she tell her?

“You make the right decision, girl,” Nunes laughed. “Good job and I’m so proud of you. You made the decision so young.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Amanda Nunes above.