KSW Colosseum 2 Weigh-In Results — Card Official, But One Title Fight Lost

Marian Ziolkowski and Salahdine Parnasse, KSW Colosseum 2
Marian Ziolkowski and Salahdine Parnasse, KSW Colosseum 2 weigh-in Credit: KSW

KSW’s return to the PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday is official, with the full KSW Colosseum 2 card weighing in Friday.

With 50,000 fans expected to be in attendance, the stadium show is expected to be one of MMA’s largest events.

While the majority of the card’s fighters successfully made weight on Friday, one title bout was lost from the KSW Colosseum 2 line-up. Brazil’s Werlleson Martins (18-5) was deemed unfit to compete while cutting weight for his bantamweight title fight with Jakub Wiklacz (14-3-1).

With doctor’s failing to clear Martins, the bout has been scratched from the card.

The KSW Colosseum 2 main event between Scott Askham (19-5) and Mamed Khalidov (36-8-2), however, is official. The heavyweight clash between strongman Mariusz Pudzianowski (17-8) and Artur Szpilka (2-0) is also a go, as is the lightweight title fight featuring Marian Ziolkowski (25-8-1) and Salahdine Parnasse (17-1).

Full weigh-in results for Saturday’s card in Warsaw can be found below. The event airs live via KSWTV.com.

XTB KSW Colosseum 2 – Weigh-In Results
June 3, Warsaw, Poland

Main Event
Trilogy Fight
Mamed Khalidov (84.4 kg/186 lb) vs. Scott Askham (84 kg/185 lb)

Co-Main Event
Undisputed KSW Lightweight Title
Champion Marian Ziolkowski (70.3 kg/155 lb) vs. Interim-Champ Salahdine Parnasse (70.3 kg/155 lb)

Mariusz Pudzianowski (116.7 kg/257 lb) vs. Artur Szpilka (113.6kg/250 lb)

Vacant KSW Middleweight Title
Pawel Pawlak (83.8 kg/185 lb) vs. Tomasz Romanowski (83.6 kg/184 lb)

Arek Wrzosek (107.8 kg/238 lb) vs. Bogdan Stoica (100.8 kg/222 lb)

Michal Materla (84.3 kg/186 lb) vs. Radoslaw Paczuski (84.4 kg/186 lb)

Lightweight – Rematch
Roman Szymanski (70.8 kg/155 lb) vs. Valeriu Mircea (70.6 kg/156 lb)

Daniel Rutkowski (66.2 kg/146 lb) vs. Adam Soldaev (66.3 kg/146 lb)

Maciej Kazieczko (70.8 kg/156 lb) vs. Leo Brichta (70.6 kg/156 lb)

Krzysztof Głowacki (97.8 kg/216 lb) vs. Patryk Tołkaczewski (105.7 kg/233 lb)

Catchweight 74kg
Sebastian Romanowski (74 kg/163 lb) vs. Mariusz Joniak (72.4 kg/160 lb)


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