PFL 1 2023: Brendan Loughnane Unleashes Devastating Leg Kicks Against Marlon Moraes

Brendan Loughnane stands over a fallen Marlon Moraes at PFL 1 2023
Brendan Loughnane stands over a fallen Marlon Moraes at PFL 1 2023 in Las Vegas Credit: PFL

After a false start against Sheymon Moraes in a non-season bout last November, Marlon Moraes made his PFL regular season debut against defending featherweight champ Brendan Loughnane at PFL 1 in Las Vegas on Saturday.

“Magic” Marlon Moraes was a former WSOF champ and UFC title challenger, making him the biggest name Loughnane had faced to date.

There was plenty of feeling out in the opening half of Loughnane vs. Moraes, though Loughnane had one clear edge: he was chopping away at the lead leg of Moraes, each blow landing with authority. Before long — right around the midway point of the round, in fact — Moraes had changed stances. An accidental head clash then paused the action momentarily, but they almost immediately resumed fighting.

Moraes, however, was struggling to get his offense going until an uppercut landed for the Brazilian with just over a minute left in the round. Moraes would add a high kick, but Loughnane, the much taller, longer fighter, wobbled him with a punch — and dropped him with a leg kick a moment later. Loughnane got on top for a moment, then chose for force Moraes to stand instead. That led to a desperation takedown attempt by Moraes, as both of his legs had been chewed up.

While the doctor gave him a once-over between rounds, Moraes was back for more in the second. He came out swinging, chasing Loughnane around the cage. Loughnane was under fire for less than a minute before landing another leg kick, but Moraes took that one well. Next next leg kick to connect would not end so well for Marlon Moraes, however — it took him off his feet, forcing the ref to wave things off. Loughnane had the win, care of a leg kick TKO!

With the second-round stoppage, Loughnane collects five points towards the 2023 post-season.

Official Result: Brendan Loughnane def. Marlon Moraes by TKO (leg kick), Round 2, 1:11


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