PFL 1’s Ty Flores Buoyed by Training Partners

Credit: @tyflores205 (IG)

Some fighters who have been through the PFL regular season remark on how gruelling it can be on their body. Because of the frequency they have to fight, recovery becomes difficult as does making physical adjustments to your game. With that being that talk of the league, many newcomers have started to prepare themselves for that very thing in specialized ways. Ty Flores is not one of those people.

However, don’t take that as naivety. Flores has just been working on his recovery every day since he joined Team Elevation.

“With our squad, I mean we don’t have a huge team, specifically with the big guys, but we’ve got very close knit, very good guys. We train hard all the time,” Flores explained. “Damn dude, if you’re training with Curtis Blaydes if you’re not spending money on recovery, you’re not going to be training very often.”

But it isn’t just Curtis Blaydes who leaves light heavyweight Flores feeling sore each and every pracitce. Their group of top level 265ers and 205er have him in the perfect place to deal with the grind.

“There are no easy rounds. Just about every guy [in the big guy group] is signed to a big promotion,” he said. “It’s been fun. If Devin Clark gets me on the ground it’s going to be a really shitty round. Zac [Pauga] and I – I mean, Zac is just an evil person. We’re always talking shit to each other and that’s a round I think we both reserve for each other.”

That’s not to say the guys are out there to hurt each other. Their love for one another is why they go as hard as they do, but is also the reason why they look after each other. Flores believes that is what separates their team from others and helps to keep him healthy.

“I train smart. A lot of these gyms have a ton of guys where maybe the comradare isn’t all the way there, or you have guys just coming in and out of the gym,” Flores said. “With out gym, like I said, it’s a tight knit group of guys – so not as many training injuries happen.”

Flores will start his next gruelling journey this Saturday at PFL 1. He’ll fight Delan Monte to open up the PFL regular season on ESPN+.

You can hear the entire interview below at 23:33.