PFL 1: Krzysztof Jotko Can Pretty Much Just Fart to Make Weight on Friday

Poland’s Krzysztof Jotko has been best known as a middleweight from his time in the UFC, but ahead of his Professional Fighters League debut at PFL 1 this Saturday, he’s enjoying the move to light heavyweight.

As Jotko put it, he’s able to eat a bit of candy now, since his weight is basically on point with an easy cut ahead. How easy? He might just pass a little gas to hit 205lbs on Friday.

“My weight was, for our camp, 218, close to 220. But when I come here, I was like 215 pounds, so now for today, I have 208,” Jotko (24-6) told Cageside Press during Thursday’s PFL 1 media day. “So tomorrow, I fart and I have 205.”

We’re not sure that’s a proper weight cutting technique, but it’s good to hear Jotko has an easy cut ahead. Chances are, he’ll need to make another one about six weeks later. Such is the pace of the PFL season.

While that might be a bit of a quick turnaround for some, Jotko appears thrilled with the PFL schedule. “I really like the season. So you’re planning fights for a year. This for me, it’s very nice, because I can plan all my year for training, for the fight,” he explained. “So this is awesome.”

Jotko also knows that points are important, as are the finishes required to get them in the PFL format. He won’t be forcing anything against opponent Will Fleury, however.

“I will be looking for the finish, of course. Everybody wants six points, or five points,” Jotko acknowledged. “But I don’t put pressure for myself to win this fight fast, because you can’t control this. And I will do everything that my opponent lets me do.”

Watch the full PFL 1 2023 media day appearance by Krzysztof Jotko above.