Double or Nothing: Tommy Fury Shakes on Jake Paul’s Latest Bet

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime

Jake Paul has become notorious for making bets with his opponents (see: Tyron Woodley’s Jake Paul tattoo) prior to their boxing matches, and this Sunday’s long-awaited showdown with Tommy Fury is no different.

Paul and Fury had been scheduled to face off twice before, only for the bout to fall through.

Their original meeting in December 2021 saw Fury pull out due to medical reasons; he was replaced by Tyron Woodley. A second go with Fury was booked last August for Madison Square Garden in New York, only for the entire card to be cancelled when Fury couldn’t make it into the country — potentially over ties to fugitive Irish mobster Daniel Kinahan, founder of sports management firm MTK Global — and replacement Hasim Rahman Jr. encountered weight struggles.

To ensure the match goes down without further issue, Paul vs. Fury will take place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on February 26.

At a press conference ahead of the card on Thursday, Paul issued his latest challenge — and managed to get Fury to accept.

After Fury claimed he’d was “ready to put this all to bed” and would stop Paui early, the Youtuber fired back with his offer.

“You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds,” exclaimed Fury. “Let me tell you. I’m not an old man here, I’m a fresh young fighter. I’m gonna put you away. You had two very lucky escapes from this fight. You should have took the escapes, you should not be sitting here right now because this is bad for you. You’ve blown your ticket. You should have stuck to making easy money fighting old men, celebrities. I’m coming to take your head off.”

“I think we make a deal, since you’re so confident,” Paul answered back. “I think we make a deal. If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already. But if I win, I take everything that I’m paying you.”

Double or nothing, in other words. “Delicious,” said Fury. Paul insisted on shaking hands on the bet, while Fury’s father answered for him. “You’ve got a deal. All or nothing. All or nothing. You’ve got it.”

“Just to confirm, can we have this in writing, please, as well?” the elder Fury added. “Because you know what? Thank you Jake, you’re making our night and stay even better.”

Whether they get it in writing or not, Tommy Fury did agree to the bet. John Fury, meanwhile, stated what most boxing fans are no doubt thinking: “If Jake Paul beats Tommy Fury, Tommy Fury don’t deserve paying.”