Askar Askar Expects He’ll Be Trouble for LFA 153 Opponent

When we caught up with LFA 153 bantamweight Askar Askar, he was in the midst of what he called his “bullsh*t diet.”

“I hate it so much. I hate it. I was talking to my little brother the other day, I was like ‘bro, listen if they gave me $50,000 for these weight cuts, that would be great. Not these f*cking bullsh*t checks.’ But we’re out here right now, we’re out here, we’re grinding, we’re pushing forward, we’re getting this money,” Askar (14-3) told Cageside Press ahead of his fight with Matheus Silva. “It’s a lot easier to watch these guys in the UFC at the gym cut weight for fights, because I know they f*cking know what’s at the end of that grind. A nice highlight reel and a nice fat check? F*ck.”

Askar is embracing the grind, but admits that it would be much easier if he could load up on carbs. “People don’t understand how much energy we get from food. Nowadays people overindulge. And I’m not gonna lie, after this part’s over, I’m smashing anything and everything. But seriously, you lower the calories just a little bit, and your energy system just changes.”

Two years ago, Askar was booked into a fight with Cody Stamann in the UFC. When he was not medically cleared to compete, the promotion released him. Since then, he’s been fighting exclusively for LFA, posting a 3-2 record. Last time out, he picked up a win over Rickey Furar. That was last November, and saw Askar return to the win column.

Grading himself a B, maybe B- for his 2022, which saw him garner two wins and a loss (a split decision Diego Silva), Askar is positive about the year that was.

“In terms of just overall MMA, and overall, this has been one of the best years of my MMA career in terms of fighting, competing, being in there regularly, and then training, and seeing my teammates succeed and everybody grow in the gym. I loved 2022. It was a good year of growth, mental, physical, emotional, everything.”

The losses are motivation for Askar, who knows that the UFC and other big promotions will look at a fighter’s recent record first and foremost. 2-1 isn’t as impressive as 3-0, of course.

“That’s the truth. That’s what the game is. It’s a ‘what have you done for me lately.’ It’s bullsh*t and it makes me a little salty, but I’m using motherf*cking thing as fuel.”

While people often suggest to him that his opponent’s should be motivation, “my number one motivation is that sour taste in my mouth from those fights that I’ve lost, where I’m like, I don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I don’t want to feel like I didn’t give it my all.”

Askar recognizes that upcoming opponent Silva is tough, and a dangerous striker. But his own training partner is “the super Saiyan version of the guy that I’m fighting next week. And I feel like I’m going to be bad, I’m going to be trouble, for this guy.”

Askar Askar will be looking to give it his all in his return against Matheus Silva at LFA 153 this Friday, February 17, 2023.