UFC 283: Cody Stamann Staves Off Newcomer Luan Lacerda

Luan Lacerda and Cody Stamann, UFC 283
Luan Lacerda and Cody Stamann, UFC 283 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Luan Lacerda was one of six octagon newcomers at UFC 283 on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, five of them Brazilian talents.

In his case, the bantamweight was paired up with a staple of the division in Cody Stamann — a tough out for any debuting fighter. Too tough, as it turned out.

To start the fight there was a lot of movement from Stamann but Lacerda landed a few heavy leg kicks. Lacerda kept firing those kicks on the outside to the leg and to the body. Stamann was fighting in bursts but wasn’t landing anything. Lacerda did attempt a single leg but it didn’t come close. Lacerda continued to land body kicks which was frankly the best weapon of the round. Stamann got more comfortable at the end but maybe not enough.

In round two more body kicks came from Lacerda. Stamann was the more explosive fighter and faster and he got off on some shots. Lacerda started to open up with combinations going to the body and head. Stamann was always trying to return; he was landing with more pop at times. A lot of good bodywork from both guys was on display in round two. Lacerda more and more was starting to find his right cross and ended the round with some good body strikes. A much better round for Stamann.

In the final round Lacerda was the first one to engage with a nice combination. Stamann was still moving around deep in the fight landing and evading. Stamann landed some nice takedowns. Stamann did not see it coming when Lacerda shot in on a takedown, and he completed it. Stamann got right back up, but went right back down. On his back a little longer this time, Stamann eventually got back to his feet and got center cage. In the final minute Lacerda landed a few good body kicks. A strong round three for Lacerda.

Official Result: Cody Stamann def. Luan Lacerda by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)