UFC 284: Spirited Scrap Sees Loma Lookboonmee Submit Elise Reed

Loma Lookboonmee and Elise Reed, UFC 284
Loma Lookboonmee and Elise Reed, UFC 284 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Women’s strawweights Loma Lookboonmee and Elise Reed squared off early on the UFC 284 preliminary card in Perth, Australia on Saturday.

Lookboonmee vs. Reed was the lone women’s bout on the UFC 284 card, and found both fighters entering the fight off single victories, affording the winner the chance to put together back-to-back wins.

Reed stayed light on her feet on the outside off the opening bell, as Lookboonmee walked forward. She opened the action with a leg kick that landed with a crack. Reed would answer with a spinning kick, that did not land at all. She’d press forward a moment later, getting her hands going, but was soon backed up by the Thai strawweight.

Lookboonmee’s next meaningful strike was a kick to the body; Reed landed a leg kick in return. The snap behind Lookboonmee’s kicks wasn’t three for Reed, but it was Reed slipping a jab to land a right hand moments later. Reed’s thigh, however, was soon sporting some damage, as Lookboonmee was mixing up her kicks well. In the second half of the round, Reed tied things up, looking for a takedown — which was landed instead by Lookboonmee care of a throw.

Not to be outdone, Reed reversed, settling into half-guard to land a bit of ground n’ pound. Reed’s nose, however, was now gushing blood. It didn’t seem to bother her, as she stayed on Lookboonmee, who gave up her back towards the end of the round.

Loma Lookboonmee turned the tables early in round two. It was Lookboonmee getting the fight down, quickly taking the back of Elise Reed with hooks in. In a flash, the rear-naked choke was in deep, and after a second’s hesitation, Reed tapped!

Official Result: Loma Lookboonmee def. Elise Reed by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 0:44