UFC 284: Jamie Mullarkey Turns Away Prospect Francisco Prado, Calls Out Pimblett

Jamie Mullarkey and Francisco Prado, UFC 284
Jamie Mullarkey and Francisco Prado, UFC 284 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

20-year-old Francisco Prado made his octagon debut at UFC 284, matched up with the hard-hitting Jamie Mullarkey. A tough out for any newcomer, but Prado certainly had a puncher’s chance if not more.

In a fight that would go the distance, however, the battle-tested Mullarkey proved to be a little too much for a first outing.

The fight started with Prado stalking Mullarkey, and throwing with some big power. A left hook, head kick, and some body shots were thrown with all his energy. Changing the momentum Mullarkey timed a very good takedown planting Prado. Mullarkey didn’t do a lot of damage but had some control time until Prado was able to get back up. Mullarkey still had his hands clasped around Prado and he threw him back down. That time Mullarkey stayed on top and landed a few slicing elbows.

In round two, in need of a better round, Prado was the one taking some good shots on the feet. Prado was having trouble finding his range but was getting close in those wild exchanges. Prado tried for a takedown but it was stuffed pretty easily. Mullarkey landed a big left hook in an exchange and then a nice front kick to the midsection. Prado never found his range as Mullarkey picked at him at range and won in-tight.

In the final round, Prado was in need of a finish. In the opening exchange Mullarkey landed with his left and right. Throughout the fight the jab from Mullarkey was giving Prado a lot of issues. Usually having success on the feet Prado went for his second takedown attempt and it was stuffed. Timing a takedown of his own Mullarkey got the fight down. Prado used a kimura to sweep Mullarkey but Mullarkey managed to get back to his feet and the fight was over. No surprise on the scorecards as Mullarkey took home the unanimous decision win.

“There’s this lad who thinks he can’t get knocked out because of where he’s from,” Mullarkey said after the fight, calling for Liverpool’s Paddy Pimblett next. Pimblett sits at 4-0 in the UFC, and does not currently have a fight booked.

Official Result: Jamie Mullarkey def. Francisco Prado by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)