WWE Star Kurt Angle to Appear on PFL Challenger Series as Celebrity Judge

Kurt Angle to serve as judge on PFL Challenger Series
Kurt Angle Credit: WWE

Kurt Angle is set to appear on this year’s PFL Challenger Series.

Oh it’s true. It’s damn true.

With apologies for borrowing his catchphrase, Angle is set to appear on Week 3 of this year’s PFL Challenger Series, on Friday, February 10, 2023. Angle announced the news on social media on Monday.

“I’ll be a judge on the PFL Challenger Series, helping decide who earns a PFL contract and a chance to win that million dollar bag,” Angle stated in his video announcement. “It’s the only show out there where you can vote along with me during the show, and have your voice heard too.”

This is not the first time Kurt Angle and MMA have crossed paths. The Olympic gold medallist wrestler, who captured gold at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta despite having fracturing two of his cervical vertebrae during the Olympic trials, was once linked to an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter.

That would be the season that featured Kimbo Slice and Roy “Big Country” Nelson, among other stars. Reportedly, Dana White offered the WWE star a solid chunk of change to appear on the show, but Angle couldn’t pass the medical requirements — likely a result of the numerous neck injuries he sustained over the years.

What Angle might have accomplished in MMA will always be one of those fun what-ifs, but fans will at least get to see him serve as a judge for the heavyweights on the Challenger Series this year, helping determine who gets a spot in the league’s regular season.


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