LFA 149’s Felipe Bunes: I’m Going to Do Everything to Impress

Photo courtesy of Felipe Bunes on IG (@felipinhobunes).

The list of flyweight champions out of LFA is a storied one. Brandon Moreno, Brandon Royval, Casey Kenney – and even some recent signees in Charles Johnson and Carlos Mota. It seems like getting that strap thrown over your should is as good as a one-way ticket to the UFC.

This Friday, Felipe Bunes will try to add his name to that list in a fight for the vacant flyweight belt. Knowing what that title has meant in the past, he’s sure it means the big show for him. More importantly, he knows he’s ready.

“Yeah, for sure. I feel like skill-wise, I’m right up there in the top five fighters in the weight class in the UFC,” Bunes said, speaking through an interpreter. “I hope by winning this title the UFC is what’s next.”

If he does make what seems like an inevitable crossover, he’s confident that everybody will know his name by the end of the year.

“You can be sure that signing with the UFC by the end of the year – you will see me in the top 10 in the rankings,” he said confidently.

While the title has typically meant a fresh new contract, he hasn’t forgotten about how important it is to claim it in impressive fashion. He knows the UFC bosses love a big finish and he’s prepared to hand one out.

“I’m training a lot to knock him out, but his weakness is on his ground game,” Bunes said. “That’s what I am a specialist at. So, of course, I’m also looking at getting a good finish on the ground. My end goal is the UFC, so I’m going to do everything to impress.”

Bunes’ fight with Yuma Horiuchi will take place as the main event of LFA 149. That fight can be seen on UFC Fight Pass with the main card starting at 9pm EST.

You can listen to the entire audio of this interview below at 21:10.