Colby Covington Interview With Miami Beach PD Released, Talks Attack And Injuries

Miami, FL – Just after footage of UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal’s arrest and interview with police was released now we see what his alleged victim Colby Covington said to police in an interview.

Video was posted by Real World Police.

The video shows the aftermath of the alleged attack outside of a Miami Beach steakhouse, but the audio is of Covington’s interview with police.

Covington, 34, described to police what the night was like before the attack outside of the restaurant that he and some of his friends were at.

“As soon as we walk out like a bunch of people kind of bombarded us. They wanted pictures. A couple people asked me to sign gloves like I signed 4 or 5 different gloves from like 3 or 4 different fans,” Covington is heard telling police.

“And we were there for probably like 3-5 minutes right outside Papi’s Steakhouse. And then we’re like hey let’s go let’s get out of here it’s time to go.”

That’s when the alleged attack began

“As soon as we’re about to walk across the street I get sideswiped from the side. Like I get punched in the mouth real quick and kind of get dizzed up. I look up and I see who it is. I can see in his eyes. It’s Jorge Masvidal,” Covington continued.

“I can see his hair coming out of his hoodie, but he has a face mask on.”

Colby Covington told police that Masvidal had a surgical face mask on, but that he recognized the eyes, the hair, and most importantly the voice when he heard the following.

“But he’s saying, ‘You shouldn’t have fucking talked about my kids! You shouldn’t have fucking talked about my kids!’. So I was easily able to identify like that’s his voice, that’s his eyes, that’s his hair. I know exactly who that is,” he said.

Covington then says he ran back into the steakhouse and would have been followed inside if it wasn’t for two security guards that were posted out front. He then retrieved a phone and called police.

“I went behind the bar, I called the police station, and I waited for your guys’s arrival,” he said.

Police asked Covington if he suffered any injuries and he described injuries to his front tooth.

“I mean I definitely suffered the injury to my tooth. He chipped my front tooth, and knocked it out,” said Covington.

“The adrenaline’s still kind of going right now, but he definitely rocked me. I saw stars a little bit, but I stayed on my feet, and I was like just…I was just trying to get to safety. That’s what I was concerned about.”

Listen to the entire audio above.