TTP Ep. 357 with Joe Giannetti, Michael Polvere, and Cage Titans 57

Joe Giannetti Interview (2:09)

Kicking off this edition of TTP is our interview Ultimate Fighter finalist, Joe Giannetti. He discusses the long road he’s been on to get back to the UFC. The hardest part of that road is find notable enough opponents that the UFC sees as worthy enough to get him back. While he’s struggled to find that in his most recent fights, Cage Titans has come through and got him a top notch contender for his lightweight belt at Cage Titans 57. Bellator veteran, Saul Almeida steps in to fight him in the first card of the new year. Giannetti is excited for it and it’s sure to produce a banger.

Michael Polvere Interview (13:18)

Following up the chat with Cage Titans 57’s headliner is a talk with the man who put the fight together. Michael Polvere, owner and operator of Cage Titans, joins the show to discuss the business side of things with Cage Titans. He shares some of what he loves about booking fights in Plymouth, Massachusetts, along with why he isn’t looking to leave anytime soon. He also discusses the pandemic and it’s effects on regional MMA. Plus, he gives his thoughts on what the Contender Series has done to the local side of things as well.

Cage Titans 57 Breakdown (26:34)

Rounding out the show this week, we’ll dig into the event itself. Michael Polvere hangs with us for a second segment on the show. He gives us the behind the scenes for how the big main event got booked. Plus, he shares his thoughts on why he finally decided to create a heavyweight title for the promotion. That title will be on the line at Cage Titans 57 in a fight between local favorite Brendan Battles and Contender Series veteran, Jamelle Jones. Any odds discussed in this segment are via FanDuel Sportsbook.