UFC 282: Billy Quarantillo Details Corner Interaction About New Son

Las Vegas, NV – When you get UFC featherweight Billy Quarantillo into the octagon it’s almost guaranteed fireworks and he did just that when he stopped Alexander Hernandez at UFC 282 on Saturday night.

Quarantillo (17-4) was wearing some of the damage after the fight.

“I think I got like 7-8 stitches. I feel great. The best feeling in the world. It’s been a long training camp and I put so much work into this. So much time and effort and sacrifice. Getting a huge win like this it just means the world to me,” Quarantillo told Cageside Press among other media at his post-fight scrum.

“It was a great way to close out the year, and getting ready for the next year now.”

Both fighters are known to put on a high pace during a fight with Quarantillo having the ability to hold that type of pace for an entire fight.

“He (Hernandez) is super aggressive when he comes out. He has a bunch of wins by first round knockout so I knew as long as I can match that pace, and he doesn’t do too much damage, that I can take over and start wearing him down and eventually break him,” he said.

Hernandez did start the fight very aggressive trying to get Quarantillo out of there quickly, but ‘Billy Q’ was able to match the intensity and wear his opponent down. Quarantillo still took some damage in the bout.

“Obviously I didn’t want to get my face busted open like that, but the game plan was actually very similar to what happened,” said Quarantillo.

Quarantillo just had a second child, a son, and in between rounds his corners asked him what his son’s birthday was. Quarantillo had taken some heavy shots and they wanted to make sure their fighter was still there.

“When he mentioned my son, and like when his birthday was, I dug a little bit deeper. I wasn’t even thinking about him until he said that. And then I didn’t even care about my cut. At that point you have to kill me to beat me,” Quarantillo said.

“I knew he wasn’t ready for that.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Billy Quarantillo above.