UFC 282: Bizarre Fight Sees Cameron Saaiman TKO Steven Koslow After Earlier Foul

Cameron Saiiman and Steven Koslow, UFC 282
Cameron Saiiman and Steven Koslow, UFC 282 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

A pair of bantamweight newcomers kicked off the UFC 282 preliminary card in Las Vegas, with Cameron Saiiman facing short-notice foe Steven Koslow.

Koslow had stepped up to replace Ronnie Lawrence in the fight, roughly a week out from the event. Saiiman had won his way into the promotion via Dana White’s Contender Series.

Saaiman started off the fight by throwing a lot of kicks. Koslow tied him up and got the takedown. Koslow did a good job slicing into the mount but actually overdid it and lost position. Saaiman would get top position but Koslow threatened with a rubber guard. Koslow rolled for a leg to scramble but Saaiman grabbed the guillotine to defend. He used the guillotine to take the back but was too high and slipped off. Koslow got back to mount but Saaiman reversed right at the bell.

In round two it wasn’t long until Koslow shot in on a takedown. He was deep on the hips and got the fight down. As Saaiman tried to scramble Koslow jumped on a guillotine. Saaiman escaped and got to his feet where Koslow immediately shot back in on the legs. Saaiman laded two good knees but Koslow got the takedown. Koslow was able to hold Saaiman down as Saaiman rolled and got the back of Koslow. A lot of movement from both guys on the mat but Saaiman eventually took the back. Once again Koslow shook off Saaiman and they got to their feet.

Koslow then shot in for a takedown and as his knees were on the mat Saaiman landed an illegal knee. Koslow looked like he might be done, he could be overheard telling the ref the knee landed “right in my f*cking face.” After several minutes, Koslow was able to continue. A point was taken from Saaiman and the fight resumed. With a minute left in the round Koslow remained aggressive for the takedown but that time Saaiman defended. The round ended with some kicks from Saaiman.

Saaiman opened up in the final round with a spinning kick to the head that almost hit. Koslow shot in for the takedown but it was stuffed and Saaiman landed on top. Koslow was visibly tired but still moving. Saaiman took the back again and that time wasn’t shaken off. Koslow was still able to scramble and get a takedown of his own. Saaiman used a beautiful sweep to get back on top and right to the back of Koslow. A lot of damaging ground and pound from Saaiman was landing. Koslow got back to his feet but Saaiman was teeing off on him with knees and punched. Koslow wasn’t defending himself and the ref stepped in for the standing TKO.

Official Result: Cameron Saaiman def. Steven Koslow by TKO (punches and knees), Round 3, 4:13