UFC 282: Billy Quarantillo Lights Up Alexander Hernandez, Secures Second-Round TKO

Billy Quarantillo and Alexander Hernandez, UFC 282
Billy Quarantillo and Alexander Hernandez, UFC 282 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Fan fave Billy Quarantillo and Alexander Hernandez threw down in a fierce featherweight scrap on the UFC 282 preliminary card on Saturday.

The Las Vegas-based showdown, at the T-Mobile Arena, found both fighters looking to bounce back from high-profile losses in their last outings. For Hernandez, that came against Brazilian Renato Moicano, while “Billy Q” had come up short opposite Shane Burgos.

A clash of leg kicks got this featherweight affair underway. Quarantillo and Hernandez would continue to fire those; Quarantillo fired a hook or two, and later caught a kick. Hernandez took some swings of his own, and while he had another kick caught, he came over the top in response. A Quarantillo attack saw Hernandez stumble; moments later, he caught a kick, but Billy hopped back to the fence. Great balancing act there. Hernandez would land the first takedown of the fight with more than three minutes on the clock in the opening round. But they wouldn’t stay down long, as Hernandez chose to back off in the hopes of creating space.

“The Great Ape” Hernandez continued to drive Quarantillo into the fence, keeping him there a few seconds longer before Billy made his escape. Hernandez was bleeding, having caught a jab or two under the eye. A slick takedown by Hernandez saw him dodge a punch, get his arm up by Billy’s neck, and topple him. The first elbow opened Quarantillo up, and now both men were bleeding. Quarantillo made it up with 10 seconds left in the round.

Round two saw Hernandez pursuing a takedown early. Quarantillo wound up against the fence, got off it, then had Hernandez drive him back there again. Hernandez was high on a single, switched to a double, but Quarantillo stayed upright. Hernandez backed off, and fired his jab. Hernandez slipped, which drew a roar from the crowd, but didn’t little to really help Quarantillo, though he would shoot a takedown of his own moments later. Hernandez fought that off, but ate some shots to the body. Hernandez then closed the distance, looking for a takedown. With that denied, the pair started to trade. Hernandez started to retreat. Quarantillo was showing some magnificent shot selection and accuracy.

Hernandez, out of desperation, shot a takedown. Quarantillo then turned the tables, stuffing that and raining down punches. Hernandez escaped, and Quarantillo went back to work on the feet. He was lighting up Hernandez! Knees in the clinch, punches, and the ref had seen enough! Billy Quarantillo with the standing TKO!

Official Result: Billy Quarantillo def. Alexander Hernandez by TKO, Round 2, 4:30