LFA 148: Cody Davis Looking for Finish Following First Pro Loss


At LFA 148, flyweight Cody Davis will look to bounce back from his first loss as a professional mixed martial artist.

Davis (5-1) is a veteran of Combate Global, Cage Warriors, and LFA, where he’s 1-1 to date. He’ll look to improve on that Friday, when he takes on Alvaro Prado.

It’s a bounce back fight after a loss that taught Davis a number of lessons. And while Davis has lost in the wrestling world before, a loss in MMA hit different.

“MMA it felt different, and I felt like I wasn’t getting beat up. He was just a step ahead of me, and I just kept making mistakes,” Davis told Cageside Press in a recent exclusive interview. “And he wasn’t making any mistakes that I could capitalize on. It wasn’t like I was scared of getting beat up, I just kept making mistakes and mistakes.”

There were plenty of lessons learned as a result of that setback, Davis explained.

“I learned to take my time, and not to just rush in,” said Davis, before singling out a few key areas of concern. “I made a lot of mistakes on the ground. Like the guy was really good, but I feel like I gave him a lot of stuff. He didn’t have to work hard for it. And then when I was on the ground, I was making a lot of mistakes that I normally don’t make.”

“When I was striking, I was running in, instead of just taking my time like how I am now. So it was a lot of that, and I wasn’t like, paying attention to the shot.”

The performance was one that Davis wasn’t keen on reliving.

“I was very disappointed. It took me a while to watch that fight again,” said Davis, admitting it took about a month for him to review the tape. “But once I watched it, I accepted everything that happened.”

Now, it’s onward and upward. A fresh start of sorts awaits at LFA 148, though the fight comes at the same venue in Commerce, California as a loss. Revisiting the scene of the crime so to speak hasn’t gotten to Davis however.

“I really don’t feel anything. It’s just a different mindset. Just a different mindset really,” he stated. “A mindset of taking my time, and I have to finish. I want a finish, that’s what I’m looking for.”

As to how that finish comes, “I want to finish on the ground, but I’ll take the finish any way. Somebody has to get finished — that’s the name of the game.”

Cody Davis returns to action at LFA 148 on Friday, December 9, 2022 live on UFC Fight Pass.


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