Bellator 287’s Justin Gonzales Ready for Any 145’er: “They Can All Get It”

The “J-Train” was running full speed ahead at Bellator 287, where Justin Gonzales (14-1) picked up a unanimous decision win over Andrew Fisher.

That’s two straight wins for Gonzales, who has bounced back nicely from his only career loss, to featherweight prospect extraordinaire Aaron Pico. The only downside for Gonzales, he told media outlets including Cageside Press following the fight, was that it went the distance.

“I felt great, my cardio felt great, and look at the results I got,” Gonzales said afterwards. “It wasn’t what I wanted, I wanted the stoppage, but that’s pretty f*cking close. There at the end, you saw him hunched over. If I had another 10, 15 seconds I think I do get that stoppage.”

Gonzales, who had been ranked #8 in the 145lb division to start the night, looks to be in a good spot moving forward. He had some big names in mind for his next outing, while making it clear he was ready to take on all-comers.

“There’s so much movement in this division, man. There’s a lot of people. I want to make my way to the belt, I think I’ve still got to earn it,” he stated. “So sh*t man, give me [Pedro] Carvalho, give me [Daniel] Weichel, give me [Mads] Burnell. I don’t care. F*ck it. I’ll take all of them. They can all get it.”

Watch the full Bellator 287 post-fight media appearance by Justin Gonzales above.