Bellator 287: Davy Gallon Happy to Play “Heel” Role, Entertain Fans

Davy Gallon has had quite the tour of Europe since signing on with Bellator MMA a few years back.

Thus far, Gallon has fought in England, Ireland, and his native France. This weekend at Bellator 287, Gallon (21-7-2) heads into “enemy” territory once again to take on Daniele Scatizzi, who will be the hometown favorite in Milan, Italy.

It’s an assignment he’s more than happy to take, likening the experience to playing to role of a heel in pro wrestling.

“Oh yes, a lot of people ask me this question, and tell me ‘is it a problem for you to take the guy in his home town?’ I want to say no; because I feel like in the wrestling game, the pro wrestling, you have the heel guy and the good guy. Every time I feel this energy in the cage, I hear ‘boo’ and everything, it’s more like a game,” Gallon told Cageside Press during the Bellator 287 media day on Wednesday. “My job yes is to win fights, but it’s to entertain the people. So I think it’s a way of entertaining people.”

Not surprisingly, given Gallon is one of the nicest, most positive fighters you’ll find in the sport, the French lightweight does like to win the fans over in the end.

“The part I love the most is when at the start of the fight you hear the ‘boo,’ and then the round goes and goes and goes and even if you are the bad guy, the crowd starts to cheer for you,” he continued. “And at the end of the fight, it’s a big party for everyone.”

“I love this energy, I love to be part of this experience, fighting in the octagon of my opponent.”

Gallon also enjoys exploring new places, something his career in fighting has afforded him the ability to do. “I love traveling, all over the world. Every time it’s a chance for me. I feel blessed to make a living with my passion, because I can travel everywhere in the world. So yes for me, it’s like I am blessed. I feel really thankful to Bellator to afford me this opportunity.”

Watch the full Bellator 287 media day appearance by Davy Gallon above. The event takes place this Saturday, October 29, 2022 at the Allianz Cloud Arena in Milan, Italy.