UFC 280: Belal Muhammad Becomes First to Beat, Stop Sean Brady

Belal Muhammad and Sean Brady, UFC 280
Belal Muhammad and Sean Brady, UFC 280 weigh-in Credit: Youtube/UFC

Undefeated welterweight Sean Brady took on the always game Belal Muhammad in the featured preliminary card fight at UFC 280.

Saturday’s 170 pound showdown had a bit of heat heading into it, with Muhammad less than appreciative of Brady calling him out.

Brady went high with a kick early, one that was blocked by Muhammad. For his part, Belal Muhammad pressed forward, pumping his jab while Brady switched up his footwork and occasionally charged forward. A caught kick saw Muhammad dumped on his back; Brady shoved him down again when he popped back up, but Muhammad scrambled free. It was an even fight through the opening half-round; another caught kick nearly became an issue for Muhammad, but he was able to fight off the takedown attempt that ensued.

With just over a minute left in the round, Brady connected with a hard right hand, that Muhammad ate. Muhammad connected in return, and they went back-and-forth for a bit, both men having their moments. Muhammad was soon sporting a cut, but it was Brady backpedaling and covering up at the buzzer.

Round two saw Muhammad fend off more level changes from Brady. Sean Brady’s movement, meanwhile, was back on point, and Muhammad was bleeding again following a crisp 1-2. Brady was showing some damage as well, however, but he connected with a solid hook just past the midway point of he round. Brady mixed up his kicks as well, and after an exchange of powerful strikes, Brady changed levels for a takedown attempt that was stuffed once more.

The course of the fight changed moments later. An evenly matched contest suddenly became a beatdown as Belal Muhammad landed right hand after right hand. Brady backed up, covered up, and Muhammad opened up. Lefts and rights hit home. Muhammad continued the attack, landing several more times before the ref waved it off with Brady still standing.

Muhammad becomes the first man to defeat Sean Brady with a key welterweight victory. And he did so with former lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov in his corner. After the win, Muhammad said he’d felt disrespected by having to fight down in the rankings. He also credited “Coach Khabib” for the finish.

Official Result: Belal Muhammad def. Sean Brady by TKO, Round 2, 4:47