UFC 280: Sean Brady Says He’s Better Than Muhammad Everywhere

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Undefeated UFC welterweight Sean Brady asked for and received the matchup he wants when he takes on Belal Muhammad at UFC 280 on Saturday night.

“I’m just focused on the task at hand. I feel like me and my team can just see something different in me this week. It’s been a little while. I wasn’t happy with my performance last time out,” Brady told the press at media day on Wednesday.

Brady revealed that he had nose surgery following the bout, but then got back to training and asking for a fight.

“Trying to get a fight. I wanted to fight before this. It was just I was having a hard time getting an opponent, but now we’re here. I have an opponent, I had the best training camp in my life, and I’m ready to put on the best performance of my life,” he said.

Brady had been looking for opponents, but the name that was offered up was Muhammad’s.

“I was offered somebody right after Mike Chiesa fight, but that was when my nose was all jacked up. I got my nose fixed and then I wasn’t offered anybody prior to that,” said Brady.

Muhammad has had a run of upsetting the betting favorite in his last few fights, but it’s nothing that Brady is giving a lot of credit to.

“It’s a good run don’t get me wrong he’s fought good guys, but even if you look at the grappler that he fought Demian Maia. Demian Maia’s a jiu jitsu guy. He’s not a grappler. He’s never been good at takedowns. His takedown accuracy was like 23%. The dude’s pulling guard and scooting towards people,” Brady said.

“I’m a different animal of taking people down and controlling them and ground and pound and submissions. I feel like it’s just going to be a lot different. It’s going to be something he’s never experienced before.”

Brady said that opponents don’t know what it feels like to face a grappler like him until they fight him.

“Just like how people talk about what Khabib (Nurmagomedov) feels like, you don’t know until you feel it. These guys don’t know until I grab them, they’re not going to to know what they’re in for,” he said.

“Belal’s good. He’s good at what he does, but I just think that I’m better at what he does.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Sean Brady above. Brady takes on Belal Muhammad as the featured prelim of UFC 280 on October 22nd.