Dropping to 135, Cub Swanson Has Dan Argueta Fill In For Him At UFC Vegas 62 Media Day

Las Vegas, NV — It was not Cub Swanson, but teammate Dan Argueta, who spoke for “Killer” Cub at the UFC Vegas 62 media day on Wednesday.

Facing the media for just a few minutes, Swanson was silent, while Argueta joked that his teammate wanted to test him, and see if he answered the media’s questions correctly.

“Cub’s trying to relax his voice a little bit. He’s had a lot of phone calls and interviews to do,” said Argueta. “So I decided to fill in; he wanted to test me, and he wanted to see if I answered everything correctly for him.”

Swanson is making the cut to 135lbs for the first time this week, which may be the real reason behind his silence on Wednesday. Cutting weight is never fun, and can make even veteran fighters surly come media day. As for the cut, Argueta said on Swanson’s behalf that “I think overall, he felt like he needed that next challenge. We keep on talking about that. Sacrifice a little bit more for the sport, and that’s making that drop to 35.”

In terms of physical feeling, “he’s in better standing than I ever am when I’m at 135,
Argueta added. “His weight’s looking better than mine. I think we made the right decision still.”

Cub Swanson faces Jonathan Martinez in a bantamweight match-up at UFC Vegas 62 on Saturday, October 15, 2022 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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