LFA 144: Jacobi Jones Explains “Big Toe” Nickname


A unique nickname is always fun in MMA, and “Big Toe” is pretty unique.

Lightweight Jacobi Jones (4-1) returns to action for the fourth time in a year on October 14 at LFA 144- his third in 2022. He fights undefeated fighter Christian Turner, and he is very happy he took the fight.

“I’m thankful for Christian stepping up and taking on a big task. I have to respect him for that,” Jones told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview. “I don’t think he has that much experience, you know, he’s fought seven fights in total, all within a year and a half. I think he’s been training for a couple of years. And so I think he’s really eager, which means you just gotta respect him because he’s gonna be dangerous right off the rip.”

“But honestly, I’ve been wrestling longer than the kids have been alive. So if I want to do that to him, I can do that. I’m not saying I’m gonna just stand and bang with him, but I really want to showcase all my skills and put it all together. So again, shout out to him. A lot of people around the country didn’t want to take the fight, and here’s a 20-year-old, showing he’s got bigger balls than all of them.”

Jones has a unique nickname, “Big Toe,” and it has a cool backstory.

“So my childhood nickname was Toe Baby. My brother, who is two years older than me, couldn’t pronounce my name. So when I popped out, he’s like, ‘Toe Baby’ and they’re like ‘no he is Jacoby’, and he was like ‘Toe Baby!,” Jones explained. “My whole life I’ve always been Toe Baby, even when I graduated college, I’m getting congratulated as Toe Baby. When I first started fighting, everybody has to have a fight nickname…I was in the process of making T-shirts, and I asked my dad, he’s like, ‘You’re not fighting.’ He was so against me fighting. But I was like, ‘you can’t tell me what to do. You know, I’m ‘Big Toe.’

“My friends that were helping me make the shirt heard me say that, and they put it on the shirt. And by the time I saw it, I was already ‘Big Toe.’ That was the birth of ‘Big Toe’ and my friends make fun of it still. Every fight I paint my toe, but you know, it’s cool. That’s the big thing about fighting: You got to build your brand and build your following. One of my best friends created my logo for me, and I stamp it everywhere. It’s huge.”

“Big Toe” fights Christian Turner this Friday at LFA 144, exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. Watch the rest of out interview with Jacobi Jones above.


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