UFC 279: Grounded Irene Aldana Scores Unlikely TKO Over Macy Chiasson

Irene Aldana and Macy Chiasson, UFC 279
Irene Aldana and Macy Chiasson, UFC 279 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Irene Aldana made history at UFC 279, becoming the first fighter to ever win by upkick to the body.

By the middle of weigh-ins on Friday, the women’s bantamweight match-up between Irene Aldana and Macy Chiasson at UFC 279 had been shifted to a 140lb catchweight.

The move, reportedly requested by Chiasson’s camp, made the fight the third catchweight affair on the main card alone.

Macy Chiasson made the first big action of the fight with a takedown attempt which Aldana defended well. Aldana had control of the round with consistent leg kicks, then landed a big right hand. Chiasson chased down a takedown, but Aldana somehow reversed it on the way down and took the back of Chiasson on the way down. Aldana began cranking an armbar every which way and Chiasson continued to roll with it until popping loose. Aldana was still on top in side control and ended the round with heavy ground and pound.

Chiasson came out firing in the second round, landing a combination, then taking Aldana down after eating a right hand. Aldana quickly rolled to a leg lock attempt. Chiasson escaped that as well and took the back of Aldana. She began hammering elbows to the side of Aldana’s head, all of which were blocked before pulling Aldana down and working for a submission. Aldana rolled and gave Chiasson full mount. Chiasson took advantage and began hammering elbows to cap off a big second round.

Chiasson started the third and final round with a left hand. Aldana then cracked Chiasson with a right. Chiasson was planting her feet and throwing big shots, opening a window for another takedown. Chiasson escaped an omoplata attempt and stood up over Aldana. Aldana threw a heel kick to the body from her back and Chiasson crumbled, forcing the referee to stop the fight. A miracle TKO in the third round from her back.

Irene Aldana def. Macy Chiasson by TKO (Upkick to Body) in Round 3 (2:21)