UFC Paris: Stephanie Egger Dominates Grappling Exchange, Taps Perez

Stephanie Egger and Ailin Perez, UFC Paris
Stephanie Egger and Ailin Perez, UFC Paris ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

UFC Paris was kicked off by a women’s featherweight fight, featuring two bantamweights, including a promotional newcomer.

The weight class had no doubt been more geared towards France’s Zarah Fairn, but with Fairn out of the fight, it was instead Stephanie Egger stepping in against Argentinian newcomer Ailin Perez.

Perez has stolen the show at weigh-ins on Friday, exclaiming that she had made “championship weight” and twerking for the crowd. Saturday, she would have to bust a few moves inside the octagon.

Perez came out firing a lot of kicks before shooting in on a takedown. The momentum worked against her and Egger grabbed her head and planted Perez on her back. Perez did a good job moving but Egger was all over her in positions. Perez did a nice job turning towards Egger and grabbing a leg and getting on top. It didn’t last long as the fight got back to the feet and Egger got in back down. There was a lot of control in the side control from Egger landing ground and pound. With a little under a minute left Perez worked back to her feet. Perez landed a glancing spinning backfist that did get Egger to back up. Perez made the mistake of clinching up with Egger and the round ended there.

In round two both ladies are just throwing down letting their hands go. The pace was slowed when they clinched up. Perez went for a takedown and as Egger tried to sweep with a kimura Perez still winded up on top. Egger turned in on the leg of Perez and got back to her feet back against the cage. Egger would land a nice outside trip takedown and moved right into the mount and the back. With seconds left Egger got under the chin for the RNC and Perez was forced to tap.

Stephanie Egger def. Ailin Perez by Submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 4:54