UFC 302’s Ailin Perez Wants Kayla Harrison Next: “I’ve Got Some Big Ovaries”

Newark, NJ — Having settled the score with Joselyne Edwards at UFC 302, Ailin Perez has set her sights high.

Coming off a decision win at the Prudential Center that saw her score a knockdown in the second round, Argentina’s Perez (10-2), who has now won three straight fights, has none other than former PFL champ and current UFC star Kayla Harrison in mind.

Asked about facing a wrestler, Perez explained that “that’s why I called out Kayla Harrison.” Harrison’s ground game, and her two gold medals in judo at the Olympic games, makes her one of the most formidable threats on the ground out there. “I’m not a wrestler, I’m not a judo girl,” added Perez, noting her lack of expertise in a specific discipline. “What I’m doing, I’m training everything I can, so I can get better, and I’ve got a lot of heart.”

As to why she called out Harrison, “this is a name that is resounding in the division right now. Mine is going to be sounding really good in the future,” noted Perez, who carries the nickname “Fiona,” inspired by the Cameron Diaz-voiced character from Shrek. “I want that fight, I want to fight her, I want a main event, I do have the cardio, and I have the heart for five rounds. And I’ve got some big ovaries. Dana, give me this fight, I deserve it.”

Given Harrison could very well be next for a title shot against Raquel Pennington, or up for the winner of Pennington vs. Pena if the company goes that direction, Perez may have to make alternate plans. But she at least settled the score with Edwards on Saturday, after the pair were involved in a non-sanctioned altercation at the UFC PI last November.

The pair appeared to bury the hatchet in Newark, with Ailin Perez dropping to her knees at one point, and the two fighters embracing after exchanging words. Asked about the scene post-fight, Perez explained that “after the incident happened at the PI I was very clear and I was sure that I was at peace, that I was not the aggressor. I had faith at least that I was not the one that started that. She knows that she started it.”

“When the fight ended, before the results, I went to her and I said listen, I don’t know if I won, I don’t know if you won, but whatever happens here, it’s in our past. It’s done. It’s done. If it manifested the other way, it doesn’t matter. Let’s leave it in the past.”

“The revenge happened, I was able to avenge it, and that’s what happened as you saw,” Perez added.

Watch the full UFC 302 post-fight press conference with Ailin Perez above.